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Hawaii auto shipping 

   Hawaii Auto Shipping 

Hawaii auto shipping

International Motorcycle Shipping

International Auto Transport Services

International Auto Shipping is shipping a vehicle from one country to another. All vehicles going overseas are delivered to a bonded warehouse near the port of departure. The bonded warehouse holds the vehicle until documents are cleared through customs. The document department goes to customs daily. To export a vehicle out of the United States you need the original title, bill of sale, and a passport or a driver’s license. Customs takes 72 hours to clear all documentation. Once customs has cleared the documentations the vehicles are stored until the ocean liner calls for them. The vessel loads on a first-come, first-serve basis as the vehicles are cleared from customs by date order.

Vehicles are called from the bonded warehouse ten days prior to loading onto the vessel. After the vessel has called for the vehicles we then load then into a 20 or 40ft. container. The container is loaded onto a transporter and delivered to the yard of the vessel, then loaded onto the vessel. Once the vessel is fully loaded the left over containers will wait until the next vessel is ready to ship. These containers will stay in the holding area until loaded onto the vessel.


International Auto Transport Container

Once the vessel has departed from the port, a teletype message is sent to customs to release the original documents to the consignee. These documents are sent by air freight only. The vessel also will print an ocean Bill of Lading. The ocean Bill of Lading has the contact info, name of the vessel, the departure, and arrival times. The ocean Bill of Lading is sent to the Consignee.

After the arrival of the vehicle(s) to the port of destination the customer is responsible for all duties and sales taxes. Each country is different. To find out what the country taxes are please contact the embassy of the country you wish to export to for information on their charges and procedures.

U.S. Customs and border protection cannot provide any guidance on the charges another country might place on goods exported from the U.S., nor can we advise you on another country's procedural requirements for clearing goods through their Customs formalities.


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